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How to get search engines to use post title instead of blog title when indexed.

Fed up of having your blog title show up in search results blocking valuable post key words?

Remember 70% of your site traffic comes from search engines and how the information is displayed is inportant in attracting visitors. The first rule is if the blog title is present in the search results it is effectively possibly preventing useful information which may attract a reader.

Secondly if your blog title is present on every post it counts as duplicate material and will undoubtably affect SEO big time.

So inevitably you will need to change them to improve your position in SERP's (Search Engine Results Page).

How do you do this, well i have found a great site that gives one hell of a simple hack to assist you. OK so here's the site ...

How to change title tags for your blog.

See isn't that simple....
This is an example on one of my templates.

Right now just a quick explanation, once you have copied the code pasted etc, view your blog and click on a post. Previously you would have had your blog name/title come up on the actual browser window, this now should be replaced with the blog post title right?

So this post should say on your browser window the post title not my sites name! If i hadn't the window would have had my blog title then the post title next.

This will be the same in search results as the search engines will now know to go directly to your post title and ignore the blog one.

Just a quick tip you can check what pages are indexed and how they are indexed by adding site: and then your web address, so for me for example would give a list of all indexed pages for this site.

How to get lots more hits on blogs from search engines

Have you found when using Blogger you may not get as many hits as say a self hosted site?

Well the most common mistakes people use on blogger is firstly poorly worded titles or even missing titles.

Secondly people put intro's to the pages, ie the ones done via layout.

Right just a quick recap on the first one, you want more hits carefully plan your wording in the title because, 1) it is used as that posts URL and, 2) It pretty much is the first thing people will see when searching keywords.

So think carefully you need a good informative title of about 5-6 words long. These should be your primary keywords for that particular page, so make sure you use them at a natural frequency throughout your post. Don't stuff to many in for the sake of it. If it looks unnatural change it because search engine algorithms are not stupid.

Right and to the second point. Putting a description to go with your blog title is essentially a waste of time as it will feature in all search engine results for your pages and bump down vital information about that page which users will not see. Plus it does count as duplication and might affect page rank and SERP's.

The best way to avoid this is either don't bother with a description or add some robot text to make it a no-follow and thus it wont feature in the results.

I hope that helps.