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Creating a web of blogs

If your using Blogger for AdSense why not think about developing multiple blogs. Often you will find with one well written blog you may get 100's of visits per day so it makes sense once you have a blog you are happy with and only need to update every now and then too start a second blog.

Often you will find your primary blog was on something you know a lot about, so really you do need to carry on that theme, however when considering what to blog try looking up subjects that have high interest but a low market saturation. For example i have one on Antiques which has very high interest but low competition except maybe E-Bay!

Once you have got your blog up and running, at least 10 posts, put AdSense on it and within a couple of months you should start to see a return on it.

Again once your happy with that start a new blog and repeat.

I am ultimately trying to have 10 well created blogs within a 1 year period.

Remember don't neglect your older blogs these should still get updated every now and then.