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Does AdSense have the best targeted adverts?

This is a good question and to be honest has a very simple answer yes it does! Many of the other competitors dont have the sophistication in technology that google does, not to mention with the new Google tracking cookie, its ability to effectively target ads will be enchanced greatly. this is because it can serve ads on a user by user basis, serving adverts that are relevant to an individual rather than a niche. Please read my post on this matter for further information on how the tracking cookie works.

Another feature of AdSense is the use of meta tags inserted into the text so that words and phrases can be targeted. This gives a possibility of fully customising what ads you show. Off hand i vant remember what they are but can easily be found on AdSense help. As far as i am aware this feature is not available for any other of AdSesne's competitors.

The trouble with some of Googles competitors, is that the targeting is poor at best. Probably the worst of these at the moment is AdBrite. A good example is holidays being shown on a debt insolvency blog. Although there is no reason why you cant run it alongside AdSense. I think the best way to look at it is AdSense has a far more intelligent process and in many respects a brilliant method of serving relevant adverts.