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How much traffic will i need to make money with PPC advertising?

One of the most common questions is how much will i need to do in order to earn a living from AdSense, adbrite or whatever your PPC advertiser is. The answer really depends on how much work your willing to put in, the PPC on your ads and how well targeted they are.

Whatever way you choose to go about it, it will take some time to build a profit gaining site/blog. If you put 40hrs a week could be as little as 3months. However even then its not guaranteed. Don't be disheartened though because if you have followed tips on optimising your search engine rank and developing your content it shouldn't be a problem.

Remember each page you get indexed or links to count for a hit on your site so the more pages the better

Now lets say you have wrote a blog and it has 200 pages a person can visit. Now lets say each page gets around 10 visits each day. Immediately that 2000 hits you'll be getting. Getting 10 hits isn't hard if you have built up enough PR on your site.
Now lets say you get a eCPM of $10 (with a CTR 0f 5% this is easily possible). So for 2000 hits that's $20 per day.

So creating 500+ pages which achieve a low average of 10 hits a day will earn you up to $50. Honestly though through the course of your workings you may get this many pages but it is advisable to make any page very well marketed and all indexed pages SEO'ed properly. Creating articles comments advice in forums guest blogging etc should give easily give you enough traffic to make a living.

Here is an example.....
200 pages with average of 100 hits each per day with a eCPM $10.
200 x 100= 20,000

So 20 x $10 = $200 a day $1,400 a week, $72,800 per year.

Yes it is possible but it will take a phenomenal amount of work to consitently achieve that kind of money and some luck thrown in. My best advice is to not spend the first few months checking your balance it will only dishearten you. Concerntrate on getting good quality links, make sure your site/blog has been indexed, well marketed and full of unique content rich information.

List of best article submission sites for driving traffic and SEO.

This is the definitive top 6 list of article submissions sites so have a look.

Yes i know i have already provided you with 142 sites but here are some others that come highly recommended by bloggers and SEO's. It is a brief list but probably the cream of the crop.

1) WebProNews
2) Articlecity
3) ArticleBiz
5) Articledashboard

Now one to watch out for is Article base as it is a no follow site shame i only found that out after two submissions. Nofollow is robot txt meta tags basically that tell google to ignore them. Best way to see if where you are going to put backlinks is a nofollow look up the source code. This can be done by right clicking your mouse over one of the blogs on the site and looking down the list for view source. If it has no follow meta tags near your signature then you know the site is useless for SEO'ing your site.

Tips on starting a blog for money! Chicken before the egg approach.

Your wondering what is the chicken before the egg, well for one its a great analogy. OK well most people when blogging for money write a blog immediately lace it with ads index it as quickly as possible then when they realise they haven't got traffic they decide to SEO there blogs. So the chicken approach is develop your site before submitting it to search engines.

Firstly sort out layout template/design, your ad placement and features.

Next Sort out your keyword and description meta tags.

Many wiser SEO's suggest building a sites fan base, content richness backlinks etc. So basically what you would need to do is write say 8 posts for your blog, adding good unique content rich posts.

After this place your ads and ensure they are targeted correctly

Then build up knowledge of it through the usual means ie forums, other blogs, twitter etc.

Next build up backlinks for it by doing some article submissions, leaving comments on blogs or forums and maybe a spot of guest blogging. You should aim at about 8-10 backlinks, with over half coming from article submissions. Remember this also increases chance of traffic through the submitted articles.

Then submit your site and site maps to be indexed. In theory, because your page rank may take a while to change from low to medium or high if you get it indexed first, this way you will have a blog that search engines immediately like.

SEO advice on meta tags and others

Right just a quick pointer which i have neglected to mention until now. This is regarding placing meta tags in the html of your blog/website. Another way to help improve how search engines see your sites is to include meta data giving site keywords and a small description. It is a subject of much debate how useful these are but it is in no way detrimental. I think it all boils down to how you use it. So I'll give you the meta code and just omit the spaces.

< meta name="keywords" content="Put keywords here"/ > "< meta name="description" content=" put a small natural description here"/ >

Only use a few relevant keywords and make your description brief but accurate. Also one last thing don't worry if you are using blogger when you save this code it will rearrange itself for you.

You must not misspell words or overload your sites or pages with keywords this will have a negative effect on your how your sites appear on search engines.

Advice on directing traffic and SEO through article submission sites.

One of the most prominent ways to optimise your site for search engines, is by writing articles for other sites. As i have previously mentioned Free traffic systems is one however this post will deal with sites where you have to submit one article at a time. I'm guessing your thinking why bother when you can get 100's of links just from one site?

The answer is simple, search engines are constantly being updated and it is far more likely multiple submissions sites and their blogs will get bumped down in value or even sandboxed from the web. This is because although they are claiming it is natural it is clearly not the case since you use meta tags to change small parts of an article which is basically the same thing on thirty blogs.

You see link building to be natural needs human love, and writing multiple articles that are relevant to your site and creating a link to it using good solid key words is giving it a bit of TLC.

Firstly when choosing your submission site you need to be looking for a site which offers quality one way links, best way to find this out is perform a simple search with the keywords 'article submission free one way link' the highest results = best quality. Don't just stick to one though try a few out.

Now when you write your article keep it on topic of your own website you will be linking it too. The method of your writing should be informative, accurate and with correct spelling and grammar. It should be content rich but readable. Carefully placed keywords should be used. Treat it like your own site in many respects the first paragraph should be have good keywords without overloading and making it's value useless. Try if you are talking about a subject give a specific aspect of the topic and try not to write to much. If possible try and make it like a small preview of your own work so you can go further into depth on your own site.

There is no reason why you cant write an article on one site, and use a different aspect on another or even write the same article but in a completely new way. Make sure when you write the article you add the site you wish it to backlink it too. When doing this it is best instead of simply putting you websites address wrap it around some text. This is done by using HTML code, < a href="your website address"> Keywords you want to write< /a>, obviously without the spaces. The words again should be keywords that will entice people to them and entice search engines.

Remember there are a few other things to consider. Don't just copy and paste other already published works. You will get found out and your article will have little or no value. Try to keep it content rich but don't go over board and write a series of very long essays.
Try to keep each submission to under 1000 words. Use different pages on your site to link to different submissions. Although the bulk should still link to your frontpage.

You think if for 1 site you do 3 submissions a week that 3x52 weeks = 156 links per year, do ten that's 520 per year. All these links will add up.

Don't think for one minute this is the only thing you will need to do to optimise your site, there are many other avenues to pursue some more tailored to particular niches but not for others. To properly optimise your site you should have many strategies. Many i have already posted and will continue to do so as i get more.

Some Essential SEO Search Engine Optimisation tools

So I've mentioned SEO before so i wont go into how it is essential for generating higher traffic. Instead i just want to provide you with a couple of very handy Internet gadgets which can be found on one site.

The SEO tools are listed below

They are a Backlinks Analyzer Tool

Which essential analyses what backlinks come from where! Yes i know google webmaster does two but this seems more efficient.

Next is A Page rank tool This is a vital tool as it shows the position your site based on specific key words. Unlike webmaster it displays Yahoo, Msn and Google.

Enjoy checking your sites out!!!