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A quick good evening and introduction to my new readers!

Firstly hello where ever you have come from, if its from my JTV channel thank you for taking the time to have a look. Right so let me get straight to it what is AdSense?

AdSense is an advertisement application run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and, video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. By impression it means per time it is viewed.
See my definitions to get an idea of what all the terms mean.

There are other networks you can use such as Adbrite, which are more tailored to a site which gets a lot of hits but very few clicks on ads.

The name of the game create something people need, target the audience and then bring them to your site in as many ways as possible with out breaking any rules. Which brings me to the next point read all the policies set out by google because they are very strict.

Generating traffic can be done in a variety of ways but the most important is getting your site indexed with search engines. Indexed means you will appear on search results. Again look through my posts one of the first is about getting indexed.

Once indexed you need to go through a process called SEO which is Search Engine Optimisation. Basically getting your site higher up the search results. This is done in a variety of ways, firstly your site will automatically gain value as you develop it through writing text into it. Mainly though it is through getting other sites to link to you. Again i have many posts on this subject.

Don't expect to earn £1000's i get around 1000 hits a day and make less than £25.00 a week.

Quick update on Free Traffic Sytems and SEO

When writing this blog i have no intention to mislead anyone or misinform either, however this is still a very steep learning curve for me and i may sometime be a little Hasty. What i am referring too is Free traffic systems. Firstly yes it is still a great idea but i think i never really highlighted the fact that you wont see results instantly and may take a few weeks before you see any change in your Google Page rank. Getting backlinks to .gov sites are more likely to get noticed a lot quicker.

That isn't to say you shouldn't go for it. Now to the second point, don't go over the top and write 10 articles a day per blog or site because if you increase your backlinks too quickly you may incur Googlebots wrath. Which means you can be removed from the index. My advice write one article per blog/site per month.

So apart from the places you have already told me where else can i get quality links?

So by now you'll have heard of twitter, forums, free traffic systems and Spott! Surely enough places to get a ton of links to your site so you end up the top of everybodies results.

Actually not really because there are a 100 different ways and different places to get some links and you should try all of them. Remember your pages in a site get indexed seperately so it might be a wise idea to make sure you get a steady healthy set of links to each page.

So what else can you do. Well the first i may have mentioned before is leaving comments on other blogs etc, although these may not be as high quality as others, every little helps.

Now the next one is really a stroke of pure genius, some govermental sites have place you can leave comments. As you can probably imagine Govemental sites are very high quality sites and leaving a comment and your link on them is a great way to get high quality links.

Write an article for other guest blogging sites. and hope they approve a link to your site (usually if the information on your site is relevant and accurate).

Another way which i dont recommend is to buy your high quality links. I must stress in my view why pay for something that with a little work you can get for free.

Right and now for the fun bit here are 142 sites which may help get backlinks one way or another.

1. MalaysiaStory
2. 30daytags
3. MalaysiaStory
4. 34Things
5. Aboogy
6. AllMyFavorites
7. Article Tag
8. aworldofhelp
9. Backflip
10. beanrocket
11. Bookkit
12. Bookmark Manager
13. BookmarkSync
14. BibSonomy
16. BlinkBits
17. BlinkList
18. BlogHop
19. BlogLot
24. BlogPulse
26. BookmarkTracker
27. browsr
28. BuddyMarks
29. butterfly
30. Chipmark
31. clipclip
32. clipfire
33. Clipmarks
34. commontimes
35. Connectedy
36. Connotea
37. Complore
40. Digg
41. diigo
42. dinnerbuzz
43. Dog Ear
44. Dohat
45. Dutch
46. Favoor
47. FeedMeLinks
48. Feedmarker
49. Filangy
50. Flikr
51. Furl
52. GetBoo
53. Gibeo
54. GiveALink
55. GoKoDo MyBookmarks
56. GoobToob
57. Google Notebook
58. H2O Playlist
59. Hotlist Anywhere
60. Hot Links
61. Hyperlinkomatic
63. IceRocket
64. IndiaGram
65. Indiamarks
66. Jots
67. Kaboodle
68. Kinja
69. and
70. Lilisto
71. linkaGoGo
72. linkfilter
73. linkroll
74. LibraryThing
75. Linux Bookmarks
76. ListMixer
77. Listible
78. Lookmarks
79. Ma.gnolia
80. Maple
81. Mecanbe
82. memestreams
83. Millions Of Games
84. MotorKen
85. MyProgs
86. Netvouz
87. Network Menus
88. Newsvine
89. NowPublic
90. OYAX
91. PeerMark
92. popurls
93. RawSugar
94. Reader²
95. Reddit
96. Rojo
97. Rollyo
98. Rrove
99. Save Your Links
100. Scuttle
101. Scuttle
102. Segnalo
103. Shadows
104. Shoppersbase
105. Shoutwire
106. Simpy
107. SiteJot
108. sitetagger
109. Slashdot
110. Smarking
111. Spurl
112. Squidoo
113. Start Aid
114. Start
115. StumbleUpon
116. Social Bookmarking
117. Sync2It’s BookmarkSync
118. Tab Marks
119. taghop
120. Tagsy
122. TailRank
124. Technorati
125. Tutorialism
126. uLinkx
127. unalog
128. URLBlaze
129. URLex
130. Wazima
131. Web Feeds
132. Wink
133. Wiklink
134. Wists
135. World Wide Wisdom
136. wURLdBook
137. Yahoo! My Web
138. Yoono
139. Youtube
140. Yummy
141. Zaadz
142. Zurpy

Right now just quickly a couple of tips when linking to sites..

Always check three things:

•That the links in signatures show up to visitors
•That the links in signatures are do-follow
•That the forum shows posts from all time, and not just recently active. Many don't! You can see the defaults, in a Bulletin forum, at the bottom left of the post lists. "From the Beginning" is what you want. Many of the high PR forums only do a limited amount of days.


•Make a signature there people will want to click on. You'll get both the search benefits, and free visitors too!

One last quick point is dont bother trying to use wikipedia they have a no-follow policy so googlebot will ignore any backilnks. Read their spamming article if you dont believe me.