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High paying Key words

This is NOT an all inclusive list

High Paying Keywords for AdSense are essential if you want to avoid getting ads with a $0.01 per click here is a list of some of the highest paid ones. Read and enjoy.

What Is Mesothelioma-$24.88
Domain Name-$15.00
Email Hosting-$14.99
Peritoneal Mesothelioma-$13.03
Business Credit-$12.00
Car Insurance -$11.75
Wisconsin Mortgage-$11.70
Cash Annuity - $10.45
Wrongful Death-$10.01
Sell Notes -$9.00
California Mortgage-$8.04
Texas Mortgage-$8.00
Online Trading-$7.88
IRA Rollover-$7.43
Doctorate Degree-$7.16
Credit Counseling-$6.60
Master Degree-$6.42
Term Life-$6.32
Low Interest Credit Cards-$6.25
Bankruptcy -$ 6.11
Malpractice Lawyer-$6.03
Tax Attorney-$6.01
Car Credit-$6.00
Alcohol Treatment$5.85
Pay Day Loans-$5.70
Accept Credit Cards-$5.59
Adult Education-$5.50
Cash Advance-$5.38
Laptop Computer-$5.36
mesothelioma attorney-$5.25
Credit Cards-$5.21
Spam Filter-$5.05
Anti Virus Protection-$5.00
Life Insurance-$5.00
Breast Cancer -$ 5.00
Cell Phone Plans-$5.00
Blue Cross-$4.95
Homeowner's Insurance-$4.94
Structured settlements $4.85
Acne - $4.74
Debt Consolidation-$4.57
Note Buyers -$4.56
Credit Score-$4.50
Web Hosting Reseller-$4.45
University Degrees Online-$4.37
Mortgage Note-$4.30
Dedicated Hosting-$4.26
Consumer Credit-$4.22
Reduce Debt-$4.09
Teeth Whitening-$4.09
Web Host-$4.05
Refinance Quotes-$4.01
Private Jets -$4.00
Settlement -$4.00
Equity Loans-$4.00
Idaho Mortgage-$3.91
Rewards Cards-$3.87
Internet Broker-$3.77
Equity Line Credit-$3.76
Casinos Online-$3.75
Helpdesk Software-$3.74
Drug Rehab-$3.65
Anti Spam Software-$3.58
Bachelor Degree-$3.56
Distant Learning-$3.51
Poker -$3.50
Online Banking-$3.50
Free Credit Report-$3.36
Adult Diaper-$3.30
Holland America-$3.09
Jet Charter-$3.05
Lexington Law-$3.05
Personal Injury Attorney-$3.01
Blue Shield-$3.00
Yellow Page Advertising-$3.00
Cheap Hosting-$2.89
Ameriquest Mortgage$2.79
Register Domain-$2.75
Lawyer -$2.61
Annuity -$ 2.56
Direct Mail-$2.51
Cellular Phone Rental-$2.51
Windstar Cruise-$2.40
prepaid legal-$2.28
Travel Insurance-$2.27
Need Money-$2.26
Lenox China-$2.26
Death Insurance $2.25
Personal Domain Name-$2.14
Extra Money-$2.01
Transfer Money-$2.01
Trans Union-$2.00
Canadian Pharmacy-$1.94
las vegas-$1.62
Work at Home-$1.58
Online Marketing-$1.57
Video Conferencing-$1.51
Affiliate Programs-$1.35
Legal Advice $1.26
Weight Loss-1.22
Calling Cards-$1.16
Vioxx -$1.01
Quick Book(s)-$1.00

Having problems getting your AdSense adverts on Blogger?

Are you having problems getting adsense pages onto your website? I know this is a basic tip i'm about to share, lets face it anyone who is on here can get adverts generated on here. Simply clicking on monetize for one.

However doing it that way has one significant draw back because these ads aren't custom targetable by prospective advertisers. What i mean by targetable is when you go through the adsense advert generated and add channels to your ad units. I have explained how do do these steps in a previous post.

So why use them? Well the answer is because you have a greater chance of being able to display relevant ads to your post. Although even using monetize google will eventually tailor to your needs.

Now i dont know about you but this whole copy and paste into the Html code gets tedious and can be very difficult to do. So is there an easier way to do it without having to go for the monetize option.

In a word yes! Look back to my previous post about counters, remember the Html/java script in gadgets well thats the ticket.

In case you dont remember this is how you find it, Layout-> Page layout-> Gadgets-> Html/java script.

Now get your code from AdSense and paste it into the box save and there you go. Make sure you don't give it a title as this will appear on your blog. Repeat for the other ads you wish to place.

Lastly the 3 main benefits of doing this are.....

1- Your ads are targetable
2- You can place them in your page layout much more easily without scrolling through line upon line of text, trying to find the right place.
3- Saves a lot of time.
4- It can also be done to accommodate link ads.

Amazing what you find out through a sudden brain wave because i did not find this trick on any forum, its all me baby!

Lastly remember AdSense policy dictates you can have a maximum of 3 txt/image ads+ 3 Link Ads + 1 video ad unit.

Good luck!

We love you Google we do!

Oh Google we love you. Fantastic news just about to switch off the computer and guess what?

Google has only gone and indexed this blog hooray, let the party begin. So all you out there who still need some Google love give me a shout. i am more than happy to link exchange as long as you have a blog that is well written and have an interest in at least one of my blogs.

Oh for anyone wondering what i mean by indexing, it means my site will feature in the blog directory and in search results. Good times!

By this time tomorrow all my blogs should be indexed so even better times.

Final thought of the day.

My final thought today is regarding my last post. Honestly don't bother with Google Analytics, it does work but is actually inaccurate. So go for another one.

Like i previously mentioned try expertcounters, honestly you wont be too disappointed, for one you can look up the statistics of your users, what blogs are the most popular, amongst many other great features. It has pie charts and line graphs.

Purely from a marketing perspective it gives you an idea what countries are giving you the most hits. Why this is so important i will post another time, sorry I'm way to tired.

One last thing the expert blog counter isn't 100% accurate but hey at least its a lot better than Google Analytics.

Night all

Add a counter to help your blog!

I have found a great free counter which can give you not only a hit count but various other statistics. It is called It is will give you data on type of hits and a geographical list of site visitors.

Right firstly register with expert counters follow the steps to add website and generate the code for your counter. Now here's the clever bit to save you having to struggle to put it on through the Html follow these steps.

1) Where you read "Edit Posts – Settings – Layout – View Blog", click on "Layout"

2) Click on "Add a Gadget" (to the side menu or to the bottom of the page)

3) Click on the "HTML/JavaScript" option.

4) In the "Content" field paste the code from your ExpertCounter account. Then click on "Save"

Easy wasn't it? Now I'm sure there are probably better counters out there or you could just opt for google analytics but i found this one works for me.

Basic Adsense adding to blog.

When adding your first AdSense blogs there are two ways it can be done. The first which only works for is to go to the layout tab of your blog and then click on monetize, follow the instructions and away you go.

You can also add further AdSense ads by clicking on layout again then go to page layout then click on add gadgets and AdSense will be half way down the list. Click on it then choose your options and away you go.

Remember you can only really have three monetize applications.

The second way you can do it is as described in your AdSense help site.

Here's the basic low down, go through options on AdSense to get ads follow the steps, copy and paste code which is generated. Don't worry if you don't get it first time you can retrieve the code in manage ads tab.

Now go to format-edit html then look down the text until you get to < body >. If you look towards the bottom you will see < body > just above < html > Now paste your code somewhere in between the < body > fields. Again you should limit it to a maximum of 3 different pastes. Also this html will not have spaces between the writting and the <. wont let me post as it should look.

This is probably the best way since you have more control over them than if you use the blogger method.

Remember to create channels for each code you upload and make them targetable. This can be done through the AdSense setup tab and click on channels. It really is quite easy to do.

Finally remember to try to get a balance between text links and picture ones.

Making the most of your competitive ad filter.

Making the most of your competitive ad filter
Right a quick marketing tip, on your adsense account you should have a competitive ad filter in your AdSense Setup tab. This is basically the adverts you want to filter out of your site/blog. To filter out an ad isn't rocket science so I'm not going to explain how to do it.

A top tip is firstly to filter out the low paying sites, ones paying 0.01 per click for example.

Have a look below at my low paying advert list below

Unfortunately with Adsense (unlike some of its competitors) you don't know how much your going to get from each advert so you will have to rely on using research to find lists of low paying ads.

Now i have found some that many people agree need to be filtered out because they don't pay much. these are.................

There are many more but these are the ones that are most frequently mentioned.
As i find more i will post to the tag filter out list.

Also check out my filter in lists when i get round to doing them.

Last thoughts of the day, erm morning actually!

Right a lot of people seem to ask well how many hours will i need to put in to get some results. Well from what i have read in various places some of the more successful AdSense users have had to put in at least 300+hrs before they get results.

So going back to my original post is it worth it? Well only you can answer that, because it really depends how much time and effort are you going to want to put in.

Lets take me for example i so far have put in nearly 18hrs today just researching updating my blog and indexing. In total since i started i have put in at least 50hrs and have nothing yet to brag about,

However i am seeing results with a steady increase in hits each day I'm slowly getting there. In fairness, i am spending a lot of my time researching different aspects of optimizing profits from AdSense.

That's just me though i like to know as much as possible as quickly as i can.

My advice to all you newbies out there try to spend a few days thorough research before moving on to actually marketing properly. Don't think once you have done research for a few days you need to completely stop doing it. people are quite generous with their knowledge take full advantage of it while you can.

Believe me there is so much to learn, it may take a few years to fully understand everything.

So no I'm not quite running to the bank with wads of cash just yet but have built up a sound basic knowledge which i am happily sharing.

Right off to the land of nod. Post more later.

Index your site on yahoo.

Ok this going to be short and sweet because i havent had chance to fully test it but is coming from quite a few sources. Right one way (and to many the recommended way) to add to adsense is to create a Rss feed on your blog and add it to your yahoo home page.

Firstly sign up for a yahoo account then set up a feed on your blog, to do that click on layout, then page elements then gadets. Right go down the list until you get to site feeds click on it.

You should have a screen which says URL now type in your blog address (for example http://ohdear

right now add this to the end. feeds/posts/default?alt=rss. it should look like the Url below.


Next go to your Yahoo page and click on add content then to Rss feeds. type in your full feed address and it should allow that feed into your page.

For more info on your feed url's read the blogger help page and type in Rss feeds.

Please let me know of any easier solutions or you have a comment to make, cheers!

marketing tips on link trading!

Now as previously discussed in my first post another great way to get more traffic is by trading links with other blogs. Link trading is the process of placing your blogs link on another blogs site. They in turn link back to yours. It is a fair exchange.

The benefits of link trading are.....

1) If the blog your trading with is indexed and your not it will speed up the time it takes googlebot to index your site. Of course this is provided you have followed the steps suggested in my previous post.

2) If other readers read one blog they are more likely to click on some of the links.

3) Might help to make some friends out there in the land of blogging.

4) It helps to raise your page ranking with google and other search engines.

5) Link trading implies an endorsement of your blog, however never mislead your readers by claiming it is an endorsement.

Right so there's some benefits now lets look at ways of going about it. As i have previously said in other posts you should try to interact with other users, look at their blogs and if you like it or find it informative offer to link trade with them but........

DO NOT ......

- expect them to link trade it is their choice and you must respect their decision

- be rude or abusive if they wont trade again its their choice.

- Link trade for the sake of it, try to keep it relevant to your blob and/or of genuine interest to you.

- do not harass them if they don't answer to your request.

Remember always be polite and sincere these people might be the difference between get 10 hits a day or 2000.

Be respectful of there opinions and subject matter.

Follow these simple suggestions and you may have a hat full of link trades and blog hits in no time at all.

Getting indexed with msn

So here's a quick and easy step my step guide to getting your site indexed by msn

1) Go to
2) Search for for domain or sub domain and if isn't indexed
yet, it'll show no results.
3) Then, you look down to the bottom of the page, there's a sentence there saying:
"Send the address to us" -- click that, follow what it says,
enter your URL and verification code...
4) Then wait for the next day and rechecked again your url
with MSN.

Some people reported have their sites indexed within 24hrs

Some brief marketing ideas for your blog

As previously discussed the name of the game is to increase hits on your blog, and as promised here are some short tips on how marketing strategies including websites and blogger forums.

So you have your blog set up ready to go right next step is look around for some free blog indexing sites that will index your blog for you. Blog indexing sites are sites that will list your blog on their website which will increase the chance of someone seeing it and taking a look.

The first and most important site to get indexed on is Google since it is the most used search engine. Of course try getting indexed on other search engines too. To get indexed on google for free either do it through the webmaster Tools product offered by google. It is quite straight forward and no real explanation is needed.

The next method is You can submit your site directly to Google at their Submit Your Site page. You only need to submit your blogs home page. Google will send its web crawling computer program, called the Googlebot out to find your blog. It will then add the blog to Google's index. However this method may take a while for you to get listed. One way this can be speeded up is to get yourself linked to other blog directories since the googlebot often crawls through those. Another way is to get someone as a link trading partner, that person also being already linked to google.

(please check my links for links to both methods)

Remember ranking high in the search engine results is essential for the visibility of web sites. If you want to appear higher in a google search results make sure you follow these 2 pointers.

1) Google considers incoming links to be extremely important in calculating the PageRank of a web site. Links are also strongly considered in Google's algorithm for positioning sites in the search results. So adding links and being added will help boost your page ranking.

2) Googlebot crawls the web, searching for freshly updated web pages. Since many traditional web sites are "static", and rarely get any fresh material added, they don't change. Once your indexed to make sure that you regularly update your blog as stagnant blogs don't impress the Googlebot.

Now back to the marketing strategy, other ways to get your self noticed is by listing yourself in blog directories such as

Blog Search Engine
Globe of Blogs
Blogger Forums

although these may require membership they are all completely free. They also provide a special area for you to list and describe your blog, for others to read. Along with some welcome new visitors, you'll receive a visit from the Googlebot.

So again a few more tips i will also update links to include the sites i have mentioned. Good luck once again and please feel free to comment on anything you don't agree with or if you may have some additional info you would like to share.

Trying to create a high hit rate blog?

Want a blog someone will read, do you want your ads to make more money or, do you want to write a blog but have no idea what you want to talk about? Well if so read on!

The whole idea of blogging is to write your opinions and allow others to read it. Whether your doing it for fun or you have some grand advertising scheme the principles the same getting people to visit your blog.

The best way to decide this is to look around on the web, see how other blogs are performing, and what sort of topics they are talking about. Is there anything on the subject that you feel they don't cover, or can you cover that subject in better detail.

If your going to talk about a mundane or low interest subject you wont have many visitors but if you have a blog on a subject all the cool kids are talking about you will have more hits.

Don't just plagiarise someones work that's not the idea, its wrong and it isn't going to win you any friends. Look at expressing your own opinions. Make it interesting and informative, give opinion mixed with facts. The idea is to create a need for your readers to interact and leave their own views on the subject. If you have read other blogs and got some ideas by all means share opinions you agree with but use your own words and maybe out of respect provide a link back to the original source.

When reading others works look at the comments, does everybody agree with the post, do they have different opinions and do you have an opinion that has not been expressed? Try to make your blog as unique and informative as possible by summarising opinions. If say your doing a review on flat screen TVs look at customer reviews and try to give a balanced view based on the feedback's given.

Don't be afraid to give your own opinion, often a controversial opinion will create more hits than a consensual one!

Try to improve your blog presentation by adding photo's and creating your own unique looking blog.

Before posting proof read your work, do some research see if you have missed anything out.

If posting a long article give a small introduction (no more than 100 words), that will entice your readers to read on.

Again try to market your blog by creating interest on other sites, linking, etc

Don't be afraid to try a blog see how it performs and if it doesn't work try another topic or re-examine your marketing strategies.

Anyway here is a few tips to give you some idea of how to create a high hit rate blog.

My next blog post will most likely be on marketing tips that will increase hit rates.

So is adsense really worth the time and effort?

Main things people want to know is will it make me a bundle of cash and how much effort is needed to create a profitable adsense account! I'm sure there are many people out there who have their own opinion on this. Now I'm a relatively new adsense user and to be honest have found it very overwhelming at first. However in my opinion yes adsense can make you at least a small extra income, There are many helpful users out there who will offer tips and guidance to the newbie. One small catch with trying to make a living through publishing adverts is it will take time and lot of reading. You Will need to learn how to input source codes into your HTML.

Here are some basic tips i have managed to compile

1) Make sure you carefully read the adsense policies before starting, failure to comply can result in your account being suspended.
2) Don't click on your own adverts as tempting as it might be
3) To start create a topical blog, make sure it is on something you have knowledge and/or a passion for.
4) try to make your blog look as professional as possible, why not look around at others
5) Join a blogger forum and submit your blog blogger forums is a good start.
6) Make sure your ads are well placed.
7) Do not over stretch yourself by creating multiple blogs, you will find you wont have time to regularly update all of them
8) try to update as often as possible, one post a day should be your aim.
9) do your research, there are many advice and help pages on the web that are designed to help optimize your adsense income.
10) try linking to other blogs of a similar nature that you have read and that you have enjoyed. Some bloggers will return the favour.
11) Engage with your fellow bloggers leave comments on blogs that interest you. This will get your name posted om other peoples sites. However be sincere in your comments don't do it just for the sake of advertising your name somewhere else.
12) Try creating blogs with high interest, some subjects will get higher hit rates than others.
13) Try adding Rss feeds to your blog.
14) Get yourself indexed with google and other providers.
15 Promote your Posts - If you think you’ve written something worthwhile spend a few minutes letting others know about it. I regularly shoot other bloggers to notify them of what I’ve written if I think it will interest them. Think about it before you send the email and don’t bombard the same people constantly with every topic you write on.
16) try adding a hit counter, it will give you some idea on how your blog is doing.
17) Target high paying ads with specific keywords, and use your own common sense on what type of advert is likely to pay the most
18) Try to keep on top of Blogging, if you have a laptop take it round the house with you and spend a couple of minutes here and there updating your blogs or doing research
19) Don't ask others to click on your ads, you must allow them to do it of there own accord.
20) Why not ask a friend to add a blog to your account, saves you having to constantly update and gives you somewhere to place your ad.

This is a basic tip list i am going to go into further detail on many aspects of the adsense world as and when i understand them myself.

Please look at my links of helpful blogs and links which may assist you as much as they have me. Also please leave your comments on what you think of adsense and whether this was at all helpful to you.