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Googles new user tracking cookie, is it a step too far?

Now hopefully anyone reading this will have read the numerous reminders to update there privacy policies if they are wanting to take part in the new way to get better targeted ads. For those still unsure what it is well basically every time someone goes on a site through google or to a google ad serving site, it will create a cookie, and build up statistics of what types of sites a particular user will go to. That way they can ensure relevant ads are served to a particular user and not to a niche.

So my question is this, how comfortable do you feel knowing that they have data on sites your visiting and actually analysing them not in a large scale but you individually? Does this make you concerned. To some its no new thing since data such as this has been available to them in one way or another for a very long time. Basically this is a more efficient means.

Is it okay to do it?

No I'm not so sure it is, to me it feels too much of an invasion of privacy, the Internet is far to unregulated and how do we know the data will remain secure. Police don't even need to get a search warrant to search your personal browsing habits before looking, which yes in some instances the benefits out weigh the invasion. However one of the most basic human rights the right to a private life is infringed by all this data collection and this new scheme is no better.

What about from a publishers point of view?

Yes from a publishers point of view it could be a very good thing. No more ad targeting (i wish), a much simpler ride. Not necessarily though, some people will visit a site on a subject they had no need to before, say they are looking for debt advice but also look at a lot of car sites, bets are serving car ads isn't the best way to target. I believe self targeting is the way forward.

Will i get lower paid ads if i don't take part?

There is no evidence that it will affect your ad prices, however logic tells you some advertisers may only want to be served in that manner so you might lose out in that way. That's not a guarantee just my opinion on the matter.

So should i opt out? Its up to you, i personally have opted out but that's not to say you should!


investment-gan said...

Thanks for sharing. Im running a site with adsense (u can view it by clicking my name), and it looks promising so far :-)

Gabrielle Evelyn said...

I think the day will come sooner or later.

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