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The filter out list when using Google AdSense

Now i've been a member of digital point for a little while, and rarely do you get people messaging you about a product or tool you have tried with good, reasonable questions. Well the other day id did. It was a message about a tool i used to find out all my low paying ads for my niche. The site is called adsblacklist. Now the adivce i gave i thought was of use to everyone so have decided to post the conversation here. Obivuosly the questions are bold and the answer's italic.

i see you used A.B.L.
how did it increase your bottom line?
let me know,

Yes i did and its great if you want to see all the low paid ads for your targeted audience, but i didn't filter out all of them coz i noticed a few were ads that definitely give over 35c per click.
To be honest its only increased my earnings by a very small amount. Its very hard to judge since i have only used it a week or so ago but i'll do my best. Anyway I'll give you the figures from last week compared to a bad week. Total site hits were up 3.1%Individual Ad impressions were down by 20% and CTR down by 1.4%. However my eCPM was up due to higher paid clicks + lower number of ad impressions. Average price per click up 53%. Total earnings down by only 0.8% on a good week and up 7.6% on a bad. If you take my 6mth average earnings was up by 2.6% So for every $ i only make 2.5c extra.
Hope that helps and doesn't discourage you, since i would have thought some niches will see bigger effects than others

so basically with ABL I can eliminate the low revenue per click Ads from showing up on my AdSense, correct?
Assuming the CTR stays the same, then I should see an increase in revenue, correct? Since each click is more valuable.
To what extent, if any, can you weed out the low paying ads? Can you dictate don't show the lowest 20% ads, or 40% ads, etc?

Yes and no, it depend what you would consider low paying. Generally tools like abl will recommend any ads worth under 75c to blacklist which can be counter productive depending on your niche. For example my sports blog, blocking anything over 35c will eliminate the majority of my ads and I'll be serving up PSA's. Now if i had one on holidays abroad 75c is far more reasonable. Also consider this, placement ads get revenue by number of impression but very little for getting clicks. ABL probably does not take this into account. In those instances ctr could be irrelevant. Also I'm not sure if CTR is affected if you are showing less ads but to be honest instinct tells me it will have a negative effect. However in answer to your second question, in theory, assuming CTR isn't affected, clicks are on contextual ads, your not showing PSA's (because you have no high paying ads available) and you get the same amount of clicks on your 'ad optimised' site. In theory yes you should earn more. But that's a lot of ifs. Honestly though a blanket ban on the say so of ABL isn't the best idea on any site. In my opinion ABL is good for getting the list, its then up to you to research that list, see if you can find anything on the net about how much they pay and what ads are contextual or placement. Look at the adverts relevance to your niche. Because to be honest a well targeted 10c ad could be worth more in eCPM terms than a poorly targeted $4 one. Also decide what is best for your site do you have high traffic because you may want the good placement ads. Or low traffic sites with a good CTR would suit a blacklist on placement ads that have a poor price per click regardless of there cpm. The price to ban depends on the niche.I think that also answers your third question but just to summarise the only way you can decide things like that is by doing a bit of hard work. To be honest most things when it comes to ppc advertising is more effective when done manually. Just try to find a balance that suits your niche. There is loads of advice out there but without knowing the logistics of your enterprise, it comes down to your judgment on what best suits your business.

Now this advice given is a general rule, whether using a program or site like ABL. or just doing it manually. Blocking everything can be worse than getting a $0.01 click since if your not serving ads you wont get any money. Like i have said in this message there is so much information out there but not one piece is going to be able to tell you what is best for your site. Remember just because it worked for someone else doesn't automatically guarantee it will work for you.

I hope what i have shared so far over this and the last forty posts has been of use to you and you continue reading. Once again i welcome any reader to leave a comment on this or any post whether compliment or criticism.