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What is a SEO Marketing Adviser

Had alot of people ask what the hell is SEO, well it is an acronym if you hadn't guessed. But in the internet world it Means Search Engine Optimisation.

Often you see people post that they are a SEO guru, I prefer SEO Marketing Adviser, sounds a lot more professional.

But it got me thinking in my blogs and others there are a lot of acrnyms which people may not understand so here is a very brief list.

SEO- Search Engine Optimisation.
SERP- Search Engine Results Page
Page Rank- How google determines the value of your site and its pages
CPC- Cost per click
CPM- Cost per Mile or i prefer metre. (means per 1000)
CTR- Click through rate measured in percentages.
eCPM- Effective Clicks per mile. (Its the total cost of the clicks + cpm per 1000)
PM- Obviously per mile
BLO- Back link Optimisation (very few people use this but you may come across it)
TAP- Target ad placement.
HTML- HyperText Markup Language (the Language the internet reads)
XML- Extensible Markup Language
HTTP- Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Thats it for now, i'll add more when i can think of them