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Tips on starting a blog for money! Chicken before the egg approach.

Your wondering what is the chicken before the egg, well for one its a great analogy. OK well most people when blogging for money write a blog immediately lace it with ads index it as quickly as possible then when they realise they haven't got traffic they decide to SEO there blogs. So the chicken approach is develop your site before submitting it to search engines.

Firstly sort out layout template/design, your ad placement and features.

Next Sort out your keyword and description meta tags.

Many wiser SEO's suggest building a sites fan base, content richness backlinks etc. So basically what you would need to do is write say 8 posts for your blog, adding good unique content rich posts.

After this place your ads and ensure they are targeted correctly

Then build up knowledge of it through the usual means ie forums, other blogs, twitter etc.

Next build up backlinks for it by doing some article submissions, leaving comments on blogs or forums and maybe a spot of guest blogging. You should aim at about 8-10 backlinks, with over half coming from article submissions. Remember this also increases chance of traffic through the submitted articles.

Then submit your site and site maps to be indexed. In theory, because your page rank may take a while to change from low to medium or high if you get it indexed first, this way you will have a blog that search engines immediately like.