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Quick update on Free Traffic Sytems and SEO

When writing this blog i have no intention to mislead anyone or misinform either, however this is still a very steep learning curve for me and i may sometime be a little Hasty. What i am referring too is Free traffic systems. Firstly yes it is still a great idea but i think i never really highlighted the fact that you wont see results instantly and may take a few weeks before you see any change in your Google Page rank. Getting backlinks to .gov sites are more likely to get noticed a lot quicker.

That isn't to say you shouldn't go for it. Now to the second point, don't go over the top and write 10 articles a day per blog or site because if you increase your backlinks too quickly you may incur Googlebots wrath. Which means you can be removed from the index. My advice write one article per blog/site per month.