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SEO advice on meta tags and others

Right just a quick pointer which i have neglected to mention until now. This is regarding placing meta tags in the html of your blog/website. Another way to help improve how search engines see your sites is to include meta data giving site keywords and a small description. It is a subject of much debate how useful these are but it is in no way detrimental. I think it all boils down to how you use it. So I'll give you the meta code and just omit the spaces.

< meta name="keywords" content="Put keywords here"/ > "< meta name="description" content=" put a small natural description here"/ >

Only use a few relevant keywords and make your description brief but accurate. Also one last thing don't worry if you are using blogger when you save this code it will rearrange itself for you.

You must not misspell words or overload your sites or pages with keywords this will have a negative effect on your how your sites appear on search engines.