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Making the most of the affiliate links on Free traffic Systems.

So by now if you have read my last post you know what free traffic systems is, if you cant be bothered here's a quick recap....

It is a site which invites you to guest blog. The incentive it will post it onto 30 blogs providing 2 links back to your specified site per blog. So for one article you can get 60 quality links. The affiliates program is if you refer others and they guest blog you will receive 1 link to your site per 3 submitted. So you refer 90 people you get 30 free links. If they then refer another 10 people each you get a link back for every 5 submissions. Effectively you will get quality links for doing nothing.

So how do you go about this affiliates programme?

Firstly go to the website (which can be found on my previous post) go to affiliates copy your referral link. Now paste that into the body of one or more of your blogs/sites. Now every time some one clicks you will get a record of impressions. That's the first way to do it.

Second way is to put it on somewhere like digital point forums, send a post telling people about it and paste your referral in.

Third way, post it into others comments on blogs etc.

Fourth way Put it on twitter! Especially if you have a marketing orientated following.