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Improving page rank

So what is page rank, well its the way google prioritises the indexing of your site. Effectively the better your rank the higher your site will appear on search results. It is essential that you improve your rank on your sites and blogs since someone searching might get 3,000,000 results and the last thing you want is to be near the bottom.

So how do you improve it, first of all get yourself indexed with google, this can be done through webmaster.

Once you have done that submit site maps for your site. The easiest way to do this is to submit your atom feed to webmaster. This may take a few days before your submitted feed to be processed. the data you should submit is your Url plus atom.xml. So mine for this site looks like this

Once submitted you wont have to keep resubmitting once you have done it once as google will update your site map from time to time.

Within a few days you should have a site map uploaded to webmaster and then a few days later it should be indexed.

Now chances are your page rank will show as low so these are a few steps you need to take to improve it.

1- High quality links to your site/blog. This means sites which google think are of high value (for example wikipedia) Just linking your site to others is not enough you must get them back. A good way to do that is getting your links put on sites such as twitter or spott. Forum links also may help.

2- Words, write, write and write some more. As discussed in previous posts google loves words. So dont fill your pages with pictures it wont help.

3- Improve frequency of keywords. If your site talks about AdSense make sure AdSense is mentioned regularly. But don't do this at the expense of the quality of your writing, your not doing yourself any favors if people wont want to read your work.

4- Network your blog or site even low quality link backs will help.

5- A little trick is to use page headers and perma links or hyperlinks. Please look at my hyperlink section if you don't know how these work.

6- Finally if you have a blog make sure you have a relatively large amount of posts before they get archived to a new page. This will increase the word count of each page since technically each page is indexed separately. However dont go to mad because the more post the longer the loading time which can be counter productive.

There are many more other ways to help improve your page rank but these are the most basic and easiest ones to do.