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The importance of Keywords and keyword analysis when refering to SEO and driving traffic to your site

What are keywords when used in terms of search engine optimisation?

Well they are the words people will type in to the search engines to find the subject matter they require.

How does the search engines find keywords for your site?

There are many factors involved in getting the right keywords. Some on the page (your site) and some off the page (external).

1- On the Page

  • Keyword frequency, the amount of times a certain word features on a particular page. for example for this page the keywords most used are likely to be keywords and search engine optimisation.
  • Meta keywords; using keywords and descriptions in meta tags.
  • Hyperlinked words, or links on your site.
  • Header text.

2- Off the page

  • Back links via hyper linked text; these are small key phrases or words wrapped around a link to your site. The text is known as anchor text.

So why are keywords so important?

To be honest the answer to this is very easy, the better your keywords the more likely someone is going to search for them. Also the better established your keywords, the better your page rank for those terms.

So how do i go about establishing my keywords?

Right lets go back to the list and I'll give a brief description of how to do each.

1- On page

  • Keyword frequency: ensure that in each article or page the text is keyword rich, that is to say make sure you use certain keywords you wish to have in results by making sure those words come up frequently. However do not just spam nonsensical words into the site. This will have very little or no value. Despite the need for frequency make sure your writing makes sense and is still a quality piece of work.
  • Meta keywords and description. These are pretty simple to do, firstly they need to go into the body of a post or page and need to be in html format the meta tag is as follows. < name ="keywords" content="">keyword1, keyword 2, keyword 3" / > Remember to omit the spaces and the keywords go in bold. You can also add a meta description which is very similar. just omit "Keywords" and replace with description, then add a very small description of the site or page.
  • Linking words using the href method or [url] method to other sites can be used to great effect for example < href="">web address/" > words you want hyperlinked< /a> these have some value in determining keywords. Later in this post you will see an example of a hyperlink. With linking much like headers a good small group of keywords is better than just one. For example "SEO" on its own is not as useful as "free SEO advice" Also site links at a side of a page can help determine the keywords in your site.
  • Header text; Quite simply the post or article title usually meta'd up using the <>, format. Again just put a good title containing the keywords in your text or keyword meta's.

Off page

  • Again this is exactly the same as when linking sites on your page. If you are doing articles or forum posts, instead of just pasting your URL wrap it around anchor text. Good keyword phrases are preferable to single words.

So which phrases are best to use?

  • Firstly i cant give you exact words or phrases unless i know what niche your looking for. Some general tips are to make sure they accurately describe your site, they are not misspelled or just the same word or phrase repeated over and over again. Word combination is good.
  • Do your research, the only way you are going to know what keywords work and how they are used is to look at the way successful sites do it. Look at your competitors analyse their sentence structure, what words most commonly appear (this can be done by pressing shift F then typing in the word or phrase). Also look on forums and help sites for advice.
  • Lastly, although this relates to research i wanted to keep it separate. Try looking for programs or sites that will analyse the successfulness of certain key phrases. A good free one that has been recently brought to my attention is It is a free Seo advice and Keyword analysis site. See that is my example of a hyperlink by the way. Anyway you type in a search term and it will tell you how many hits per year that search term gets. Now couple that with the other research advice i have given and you have one formidable keyword filter to hand.

So now you have some idea's a great free tool and now you should be turning to your site so i wish you the best of luck. However t is important to note that there are many more factors involved, keywords are only a small part with the advancement of search engine algorithms and having good keywords wont guarantee better page rank/page value. However if done right may help boost traffic significantly.

One final note to my readers my next post will contain a comprehensive guide to SEO which is probably going to be 10,000+ word, so dont be suprised if you do not see another post for a week or so.