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How much traffic will i need to make money with PPC advertising?

One of the most common questions is how much will i need to do in order to earn a living from AdSense, adbrite or whatever your PPC advertiser is. The answer really depends on how much work your willing to put in, the PPC on your ads and how well targeted they are.

Whatever way you choose to go about it, it will take some time to build a profit gaining site/blog. If you put 40hrs a week could be as little as 3months. However even then its not guaranteed. Don't be disheartened though because if you have followed tips on optimising your search engine rank and developing your content it shouldn't be a problem.

Remember each page you get indexed or links to count for a hit on your site so the more pages the better

Now lets say you have wrote a blog and it has 200 pages a person can visit. Now lets say each page gets around 10 visits each day. Immediately that 2000 hits you'll be getting. Getting 10 hits isn't hard if you have built up enough PR on your site.
Now lets say you get a eCPM of $10 (with a CTR 0f 5% this is easily possible). So for 2000 hits that's $20 per day.

So creating 500+ pages which achieve a low average of 10 hits a day will earn you up to $50. Honestly though through the course of your workings you may get this many pages but it is advisable to make any page very well marketed and all indexed pages SEO'ed properly. Creating articles comments advice in forums guest blogging etc should give easily give you enough traffic to make a living.

Here is an example.....
200 pages with average of 100 hits each per day with a eCPM $10.
200 x 100= 20,000

So 20 x $10 = $200 a day $1,400 a week, $72,800 per year.

Yes it is possible but it will take a phenomenal amount of work to consitently achieve that kind of money and some luck thrown in. My best advice is to not spend the first few months checking your balance it will only dishearten you. Concerntrate on getting good quality links, make sure your site/blog has been indexed, well marketed and full of unique content rich information.