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Free traffic sites with quality links!

Wouldn't you love to be at the top of Googles search for your Keywords. Tired of being at the bottom of the heap. Well no more click here . This is a very simple guide on how you can create thousands of one-way back links fairly easily. It all depends on how much effort you put in however.

The first thing is, this method regards one website, which does work and can increase your back links with out infringing Googles guidelines. They claim to be able to significantly boost your page rank. In theory the idea seems sound but please dont quote me on that. Besides its worth a try isn't it? Basically, it is like an article submitter only far far better.

ok i've got you tempted haven't i, well this is like guest blogging for a large and very handy company. So first off you will need to write an article. The good thing about this website is that it is very careful about duplicate content. They have implemented a feature which allows it to randomly select phrases out of options you choose, so that when you publish it, all of the articles should be different. This is done with specific meta tags [ spin ][/ spin ] (without the gaps).

Also, you select some keywords to publish on, and you get the CHOICE of which blogs you publish the article on, so you make sure that the article is published on a relevant website related to yours for maximum quality. The only problem with it is that each article can only be submitted to 30 blogs. This isn't so bad though, you'll see why next. You can publish 2 links in each article however, so that is 60 back links per article. The way it works is it will generate 60 versions of your article so it is still a quality back link. This does take a little time to do because it is partially manual and you must read the the how too before attempting it.

Also if you refer a person and they publish articles, you get a back link yourself in every 3rd article they publish and you wouldn't have even needed to do anything. Just referred that one person and off you go. Also, for each person that they refer, you get a link in their 5th article, so if you get 100 people to sign up who all make articles and promote, you will have a LOT of back links and you won't even need to maintain it.

So all you need to do is sign up and get started. The back links will be relevant and quality back links, you'll notice a big difference. It is important to note it isn't that straight forward to begin with and may take a few hours to get used to it. I've just completed my first article and it has taken 3 hours. But that's 3hrs with 60 back links. Not bad hey? Well here's the link have fun and good luck.

Oh and did i mention its 100% free, yes free, doesn't cost a penny. As far as i can tell no catch either.