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Final thought of the day. 03

Just a very quick basic maths lesson..........

So if you have been an avid reader of my posts you should by now have a counter and be able to project your traffic levels for a certain day. Also you may notice AdSense can take some time to update the amount of impressions your getting. Usually the clicks are the first thing to go on there. Which if your like me can get your heart racing if your CTR suddenly jumps to 50% like mine did today.

So how can you predict your final CTR with basic maths of course. So just a quick lesson on working out percentages for those times when google aren't on their game!!

I will use my final CTR as an example So far my AdSense account is showing as 738 impressions with 217 clicks and a CTR of 29%. Yes i proverbially crapped my pants.

However i know my traffic for the day is around 4500 so this is the sum to find your projected CTR. 100 divide that by 4500 = 0.22222
then do this 0.22222 x 217= 4.8% CTR

Remember this is only a projected CTR as you may have more clicks than that, but usually the clicks go on first.

and if not you now have the sum if you ever need to work out percentages.