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Trying to create a high hit rate blog?

Want a blog someone will read, do you want your ads to make more money or, do you want to write a blog but have no idea what you want to talk about? Well if so read on!

The whole idea of blogging is to write your opinions and allow others to read it. Whether your doing it for fun or you have some grand advertising scheme the principles the same getting people to visit your blog.

The best way to decide this is to look around on the web, see how other blogs are performing, and what sort of topics they are talking about. Is there anything on the subject that you feel they don't cover, or can you cover that subject in better detail.

If your going to talk about a mundane or low interest subject you wont have many visitors but if you have a blog on a subject all the cool kids are talking about you will have more hits.

Don't just plagiarise someones work that's not the idea, its wrong and it isn't going to win you any friends. Look at expressing your own opinions. Make it interesting and informative, give opinion mixed with facts. The idea is to create a need for your readers to interact and leave their own views on the subject. If you have read other blogs and got some ideas by all means share opinions you agree with but use your own words and maybe out of respect provide a link back to the original source.

When reading others works look at the comments, does everybody agree with the post, do they have different opinions and do you have an opinion that has not been expressed? Try to make your blog as unique and informative as possible by summarising opinions. If say your doing a review on flat screen TVs look at customer reviews and try to give a balanced view based on the feedback's given.

Don't be afraid to give your own opinion, often a controversial opinion will create more hits than a consensual one!

Try to improve your blog presentation by adding photo's and creating your own unique looking blog.

Before posting proof read your work, do some research see if you have missed anything out.

If posting a long article give a small introduction (no more than 100 words), that will entice your readers to read on.

Again try to market your blog by creating interest on other sites, linking, etc

Don't be afraid to try a blog see how it performs and if it doesn't work try another topic or re-examine your marketing strategies.

Anyway here is a few tips to give you some idea of how to create a high hit rate blog.

My next blog post will most likely be on marketing tips that will increase hit rates.