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Some brief marketing ideas for your blog

As previously discussed the name of the game is to increase hits on your blog, and as promised here are some short tips on how marketing strategies including websites and blogger forums.

So you have your blog set up ready to go right next step is look around for some free blog indexing sites that will index your blog for you. Blog indexing sites are sites that will list your blog on their website which will increase the chance of someone seeing it and taking a look.

The first and most important site to get indexed on is Google since it is the most used search engine. Of course try getting indexed on other search engines too. To get indexed on google for free either do it through the webmaster Tools product offered by google. It is quite straight forward and no real explanation is needed.

The next method is You can submit your site directly to Google at their Submit Your Site page. You only need to submit your blogs home page. Google will send its web crawling computer program, called the Googlebot out to find your blog. It will then add the blog to Google's index. However this method may take a while for you to get listed. One way this can be speeded up is to get yourself linked to other blog directories since the googlebot often crawls through those. Another way is to get someone as a link trading partner, that person also being already linked to google.

(please check my links for links to both methods)

Remember ranking high in the search engine results is essential for the visibility of web sites. If you want to appear higher in a google search results make sure you follow these 2 pointers.

1) Google considers incoming links to be extremely important in calculating the PageRank of a web site. Links are also strongly considered in Google's algorithm for positioning sites in the search results. So adding links and being added will help boost your page ranking.

2) Googlebot crawls the web, searching for freshly updated web pages. Since many traditional web sites are "static", and rarely get any fresh material added, they don't change. Once your indexed to make sure that you regularly update your blog as stagnant blogs don't impress the Googlebot.

Now back to the marketing strategy, other ways to get your self noticed is by listing yourself in blog directories such as

Blog Search Engine
Globe of Blogs
Blogger Forums

although these may require membership they are all completely free. They also provide a special area for you to list and describe your blog, for others to read. Along with some welcome new visitors, you'll receive a visit from the Googlebot.

So again a few more tips i will also update links to include the sites i have mentioned. Good luck once again and please feel free to comment on anything you don't agree with or if you may have some additional info you would like to share.