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Layout and format for optimising ads

So lets move on to layout and format.........

So what is a good format to have and where should i place my adverts?

The answer to this isn't as straight forward as you think. Most people go for striking and bright ads which overall in my opinion make your blog look tacky and if anything puts me off what i am trying to read. However to some this is the whole point. My view is don't make then too striking you may put people off.

However you do want to put them in a place where people will see them. Google has done a handy diagram showing the "hot spots" are for advertising. See below

I am not going to put a key as i think its self explanatory. Red is highest etc.

As you can see from this diagram the main spots that the adverts work best are above the posts and to the left. However this diagram does not unfortunately show what performance between the posts is like.

In my view if someone is just passing by the likely hood is that they are going to miss any adverts that they would have to scroll down and see, but on the other hand a serious reader is probably more likely to take notice of adverts between posts. So i guess its really a trial and error thing.

When it comes to the design of your ads look for ones that will have either a colourful and striking view to them them example red border on blue background; or a blended colour. Me personally would go fior the latter as bright and vibrant colours can look very tacky.

Have a go experimenting to see what yeilds the best results, you may find other ways that attract more attention to your adverts.