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So is adsense really worth the time and effort?

Main things people want to know is will it make me a bundle of cash and how much effort is needed to create a profitable adsense account! I'm sure there are many people out there who have their own opinion on this. Now I'm a relatively new adsense user and to be honest have found it very overwhelming at first. However in my opinion yes adsense can make you at least a small extra income, There are many helpful users out there who will offer tips and guidance to the newbie. One small catch with trying to make a living through publishing adverts is it will take time and lot of reading. You Will need to learn how to input source codes into your HTML.

Here are some basic tips i have managed to compile

1) Make sure you carefully read the adsense policies before starting, failure to comply can result in your account being suspended.
2) Don't click on your own adverts as tempting as it might be
3) To start create a topical blog, make sure it is on something you have knowledge and/or a passion for.
4) try to make your blog look as professional as possible, why not look around at others
5) Join a blogger forum and submit your blog blogger forums is a good start.
6) Make sure your ads are well placed.
7) Do not over stretch yourself by creating multiple blogs, you will find you wont have time to regularly update all of them
8) try to update as often as possible, one post a day should be your aim.
9) do your research, there are many advice and help pages on the web that are designed to help optimize your adsense income.
10) try linking to other blogs of a similar nature that you have read and that you have enjoyed. Some bloggers will return the favour.
11) Engage with your fellow bloggers leave comments on blogs that interest you. This will get your name posted om other peoples sites. However be sincere in your comments don't do it just for the sake of advertising your name somewhere else.
12) Try creating blogs with high interest, some subjects will get higher hit rates than others.
13) Try adding Rss feeds to your blog.
14) Get yourself indexed with google and other providers.
15 Promote your Posts - If you think you’ve written something worthwhile spend a few minutes letting others know about it. I regularly shoot other bloggers to notify them of what I’ve written if I think it will interest them. Think about it before you send the email and don’t bombard the same people constantly with every topic you write on.
16) try adding a hit counter, it will give you some idea on how your blog is doing.
17) Target high paying ads with specific keywords, and use your own common sense on what type of advert is likely to pay the most
18) Try to keep on top of Blogging, if you have a laptop take it round the house with you and spend a couple of minutes here and there updating your blogs or doing research
19) Don't ask others to click on your ads, you must allow them to do it of there own accord.
20) Why not ask a friend to add a blog to your account, saves you having to constantly update and gives you somewhere to place your ad.

This is a basic tip list i am going to go into further detail on many aspects of the adsense world as and when i understand them myself.

Please look at my links of helpful blogs and links which may assist you as much as they have me. Also please leave your comments on what you think of adsense and whether this was at all helpful to you.