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marketing tips on link trading!

Now as previously discussed in my first post another great way to get more traffic is by trading links with other blogs. Link trading is the process of placing your blogs link on another blogs site. They in turn link back to yours. It is a fair exchange.

The benefits of link trading are.....

1) If the blog your trading with is indexed and your not it will speed up the time it takes googlebot to index your site. Of course this is provided you have followed the steps suggested in my previous post.

2) If other readers read one blog they are more likely to click on some of the links.

3) Might help to make some friends out there in the land of blogging.

4) It helps to raise your page ranking with google and other search engines.

5) Link trading implies an endorsement of your blog, however never mislead your readers by claiming it is an endorsement.

Right so there's some benefits now lets look at ways of going about it. As i have previously said in other posts you should try to interact with other users, look at their blogs and if you like it or find it informative offer to link trade with them but........

DO NOT ......

- expect them to link trade it is their choice and you must respect their decision

- be rude or abusive if they wont trade again its their choice.

- Link trade for the sake of it, try to keep it relevant to your blob and/or of genuine interest to you.

- do not harass them if they don't answer to your request.

Remember always be polite and sincere these people might be the difference between get 10 hits a day or 2000.

Be respectful of there opinions and subject matter.

Follow these simple suggestions and you may have a hat full of link trades and blog hits in no time at all.


Bill said...

Great site. Interesting too. Put your link on your site i'll put your link on my site? share the love shall we? That way when we advertise ourselves we can advertise each-other? Get back to me, thanks.

adam gibbons said...

just about to share your link. It will come up on 'my links' soon. Also going to at some point do a post describing my other links blogs to help network us a bit more so check back to see when i do it.