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Making the most of your competitive ad filter.

Making the most of your competitive ad filter
Right a quick marketing tip, on your adsense account you should have a competitive ad filter in your AdSense Setup tab. This is basically the adverts you want to filter out of your site/blog. To filter out an ad isn't rocket science so I'm not going to explain how to do it.

A top tip is firstly to filter out the low paying sites, ones paying 0.01 per click for example.

Have a look below at my low paying advert list below

Unfortunately with Adsense (unlike some of its competitors) you don't know how much your going to get from each advert so you will have to rely on using research to find lists of low paying ads.

Now i have found some that many people agree need to be filtered out because they don't pay much. these are.................

There are many more but these are the ones that are most frequently mentioned.
As i find more i will post to the tag filter out list.

Also check out my filter in lists when i get round to doing them.