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Last thoughts of the day, erm morning actually!

Right a lot of people seem to ask well how many hours will i need to put in to get some results. Well from what i have read in various places some of the more successful AdSense users have had to put in at least 300+hrs before they get results.

So going back to my original post is it worth it? Well only you can answer that, because it really depends how much time and effort are you going to want to put in.

Lets take me for example i so far have put in nearly 18hrs today just researching updating my blog and indexing. In total since i started i have put in at least 50hrs and have nothing yet to brag about,

However i am seeing results with a steady increase in hits each day I'm slowly getting there. In fairness, i am spending a lot of my time researching different aspects of optimizing profits from AdSense.

That's just me though i like to know as much as possible as quickly as i can.

My advice to all you newbies out there try to spend a few days thorough research before moving on to actually marketing properly. Don't think once you have done research for a few days you need to completely stop doing it. people are quite generous with their knowledge take full advantage of it while you can.

Believe me there is so much to learn, it may take a few years to fully understand everything.

So no I'm not quite running to the bank with wads of cash just yet but have built up a sound basic knowledge which i am happily sharing.

Right off to the land of nod. Post more later.