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Is Spott a goood marketing tool

Now i just received an interesting e-mail from Adbrite encouraging me to get more hits on my site, now this e-mail was great because it gave me a lot of handy tips (most of them i already knew but never mind). So i was reading through and they mentioned about getting listed on a site called Spott.

So i had a look and basically it is a link exchange site, you have a spot icon appear on your blog in a small square which features other peoples sites and then others would have yours. Oh did i mention this site is FREE!!!!!

The catch is though you have to have some incoming traffic to earn points, 4 points earns you an impression on another site. Where as you only get 3 points for every person who goes on your site.

If what i am writing is of interest to you you will need to create an account which can be found here, you type in your blog address they give you a code, which is easiest if you paste into a javascript window if your using blogger. If not paste it in between the < body > of your Html.

Remember if you want your request approved then it must feature in the top half of your blog/website.

So what are the benefits (like i need to tell you), right this is a direct quote from what i read from someone else and i think it sums it up perfectly. "In the Internet advertising game the objective is to create a network of paths, all of which lead back to you". Basically create as many avenues and possibilities that people will see your site. Spott does that very well. Next to getting indexed i would rate it a top priority.

However as briefly mentioned there is a downside, you need to earn points through traffic to get an impression on another page. Like i said the point ratio is 4:3, so you will always have to have more traffic than you will get impressions. Not good if you only have traffic for 500 people a week.

Anyway that's only a small gripe, i think its a great idea, so give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Good luck