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Is Adbrite worth it? How's it compare to AdSense

So is it better well first of all Adbrite is similar to AdSense but in some ways it is better. Although like with most things AdSense does out perform it in other areas.

If you wish to read the post on AdSense pro's and cons please view . the review here

Adbrite ands AdSense isn't an either or situation since they can be used together. This is because Adbrite offers the option to replace your AdSense adverts with there own if an advert becomes available that will beat the price AdSense are offering for that space and when it cant it will show the AdSense instead.

If you do want to just go with one or the other then here are some important features of Adbrite.

You can specify what ads you want much easier than with AdSense.

It has 4 possible options rolled into 1. For example you can choose to feature page adverts which pop up between loading pages and a similar program to AdWords.

These are just a few of the many benefits of adbrite, check out their website for more and decide for yourself.

Like many things in life one you’ll have to test for yourself. I certainly like it better than programs like Kontera where they underline your text.

I guess the main thing is what niche your going for and what sort of eCPM you get on your site.

Like i explained on the last post AdSense is better if you have a good CTR (Click Through Rate) since it is shows more of the PPC (Pay Per Click) adverts, whereas, Adbrite serves more CPM ads. So if you have high traffic but a low CTR then Adbrite's the one for you.

The one slight issue is Adbrite's targeting leaves a lot to be desired compared with others on the market.

Even though AdBrite’s targeting needs work it’s not going to cost you a thing to try them out.

For me, it is worth having them both because I like having a 3rd party manage my flat-rate ads. So if you’re looking to sell ad space from your site, you may want to look into AdBrite.

And if you’re searching for a new monetization option or perhaps you’ve been booted from AdSense and you’re looking for other CPC programs — give AdBrite a try to see how it works with your site or blog.

Like i said there is no reason you cant use these together and in fact does it not make more sense to do so.

Also Adbrite is compatible with Blogger. Check my post on Java scripting for more information.

Once again i hope this is helpful and please any requests or questions add a comment, it is open to all users not just members. Please don't advertise your blogs on here though, if you want to link exchange instead i am more than happy too.