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Index your site on yahoo.

Ok this going to be short and sweet because i havent had chance to fully test it but is coming from quite a few sources. Right one way (and to many the recommended way) to add to adsense is to create a Rss feed on your blog and add it to your yahoo home page.

Firstly sign up for a yahoo account then set up a feed on your blog, to do that click on layout, then page elements then gadets. Right go down the list until you get to site feeds click on it.

You should have a screen which says URL now type in your blog address (for example http://ohdear

right now add this to the end. feeds/posts/default?alt=rss. it should look like the Url below.


Next go to your Yahoo page and click on add content then to Rss feeds. type in your full feed address and it should allow that feed into your page.

For more info on your feed url's read the blogger help page and type in Rss feeds.

Please let me know of any easier solutions or you have a comment to make, cheers!