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If Twitter's good enough for him?.......

So we have all heard of twitter haven't we? After all President Obama's a fan. Did you know that many other publishers are using Twitter as a way to direct traffic to their sites/blogs?

Yes its true twitter is one of the fastest social networking site on the planet. The best bit about it, unlike facebook everybody adds everyone else so you can get a very large following very very quickly. Also you can post things about your blog with direct lnks to it.

Think of it as a way to meet contacts, advertise your subject matter and gather a solid fan base. Really the opportunities are endless. Not only can you connect with any old person, you can get in touch with the right ones too. Think of it as an online directory and library.

You could even create a large linking network, why not try offering link trades when you get a high enough following.

One rule though dont just use it as an advertisimng tool. As i have stated many times the best way to go about your marketing is through general social interaction. Try taking an interest in their blogs or sites, offer advice, or even ask for it.

Dont just use it as a tool to market people will see through it much more easliy than you think.