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Having problems getting your AdSense adverts on Blogger?

Are you having problems getting adsense pages onto your website? I know this is a basic tip i'm about to share, lets face it anyone who is on here can get adverts generated on here. Simply clicking on monetize for one.

However doing it that way has one significant draw back because these ads aren't custom targetable by prospective advertisers. What i mean by targetable is when you go through the adsense advert generated and add channels to your ad units. I have explained how do do these steps in a previous post.

So why use them? Well the answer is because you have a greater chance of being able to display relevant ads to your post. Although even using monetize google will eventually tailor to your needs.

Now i dont know about you but this whole copy and paste into the Html code gets tedious and can be very difficult to do. So is there an easier way to do it without having to go for the monetize option.

In a word yes! Look back to my previous post about counters, remember the Html/java script in gadgets well thats the ticket.

In case you dont remember this is how you find it, Layout-> Page layout-> Gadgets-> Html/java script.

Now get your code from AdSense and paste it into the box save and there you go. Make sure you don't give it a title as this will appear on your blog. Repeat for the other ads you wish to place.

Lastly the 3 main benefits of doing this are.....

1- Your ads are targetable
2- You can place them in your page layout much more easily without scrolling through line upon line of text, trying to find the right place.
3- Saves a lot of time.
4- It can also be done to accommodate link ads.

Amazing what you find out through a sudden brain wave because i did not find this trick on any forum, its all me baby!

Lastly remember AdSense policy dictates you can have a maximum of 3 txt/image ads+ 3 Link Ads + 1 video ad unit.

Good luck!