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Have you started marketing yet, not sure where to begin?

So you've got your blogs up and running but still your site traffic barely hits 100. So what are you going to do? I have briefly mentioned networking which is a long and slow process which will slowly boost your visitors. Basically the name of the game is to get your blog over the Internet.

I'm not going to give away any secrets but think what is of interest to people, where can i engage them personally.

Look to generate hits through high traffic sites (as long as it is within their rules).

Remember what ever you do you are a salesman, your selling your product. (your blog)

However that doesn't mean go for the hard sell. Why not check out Digitalpointforums and see how they do it.

And mainly you need a product that is worthy of the interest.

Don't ever mislead others. ie if you have a site about chocolate don't tell people get free car by clicking on your link.

Don't use third party sites to encourage visitors to your site to click on ads. Google aren't stupid.

If your going to put links on posts in a forum at least take the effort to create a well thought out post and not just spam junk. Firstly you are more likely to get visitors and you wont irritate people who genuinely are looking for information.

Remember your conduct reflects on all AdSense users as a whole.

Other general tips are to always update your blogs.

Googlebot loves words, this effectively makes blogs ideal food for him/her/it. Don't fill your blog with pictures not the best way to get page rank. Aim for at least 300 per night

Secondly get link exchanges boosts rank.

Also look at adding obscure words, or search the Internet see where there are a lack of pages containing certain phrases.

This is why an antiques blog is so ideal because for one i can link it to my e-bay but often looking for the exact product is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

For example, when looking for a 1910 royal Daulton vase i would only come up with a handful of results.

Once again good luck, and if anyone has any problems, queries or just thinks I'm talking rubbish leave a comment.