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Final thought of the day.

Courtesy clicks what are they and are they a good idea?

What are they, well i hear a lot of people who are in this game say when they read someones work and enjoy it, they will click on an ad to show their appreciation. I know what a nice thing to do!

Well actually no not really, in fact quite the opposite. Let me make this clear courtesy clicks are a bad idea mainly because if everyone in this game done that we could jeopardise others accounts.

Why you ask, well AdSense in particular keep a very close watch for fraudulent clicks and one of the main indicators is an unusually high click through rate (CTR) that doesn't fit the normal trends. The usual page CTR for a non faked one is between 3-4% although it can be a little higher or lower than that. Getting an average of over 6% for a 30 day period is going to ring some alarm bells.

So don't give courtesy clicks and don't get friends to click either, remember per 1000 people is a big number and the trends wont differ that much.

That's not to say if you do have a good day and get a higher click through rate you should worry especially if you've only had 10 hits and one click. However if you have a high amount of traffic and get a CTR of above 20% for any day you may want to let Google or whoever know you have had it. It could be someone is deliberately clicking on your ads to get your account terminated. Who, the competing blogs of course!

You see this is one problem we face is those who wish to sabotage our accounts to thin out the competition. Best advice keep vigilant and if some thing seems out of place then you MUST inform your ad service provider or you could face a ban. Once e-mailing them they should be able to follow the trail the ip addresses have left, to determine if someone is trying to sabotage your account. It could be someone is deliberately clicking on your ads to get your account terminated

Sorry for scaring everyone before bed but i needed to make it very clear NO COURTESY CLICKS EVER and BE DECENT DON'T SABOTAGE OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!