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Adsense V's the rest. How does it compare!

So you've read all about AdSense but here another quick recapped review of it along with a brief selected list of its competitors.

Ok well lets start with AdSense:
As you may well already know AdSense is one of, if not the most, popular Internet advertising network sites. It offers publishers of websites and blogs to advertise on them and receive a small portion of the profits made on those adverts.

Through AdSense the type of ads displayed are usually directly related to the subject matter of your blog/website. Which in turn means it is in keeping with what you write and targeting the right audience for their clients.

AdSense works by auctioning off the available advertising space on a site to various advertising companies.

The default form of advertisement available from AdSense is CPC, but CPM may also appear on sites if the ad agency chooses the site and wins the auction, but these types of ads cannot be specifically requested by an AdSense user.

The main benefits from AdSense are

it is 100% compatible with blogger and other google products.
it is without a doubt the largest organisation in the business.
It has far better publisher support than other networks.
It shows PCC and PCM ads
it has links adverts options
You can advertise through video's with the aid of Youtube
Far more support forums.
Allows you to hand target your adverts
Make money from RSS feeds.

The disadvantages are

Google does not disclose how much you will receive for an impression/click on ads.
AdSense is mainly a pay per click advertiser and you cannot specify which one you can have.
Video units don't always work for some users.
AdSense is far more strict than many other providers.
Is far more strict on having other competitors ads showing on the same page.
It is far more picky on what it cosiders a quality impression, for example a page visit may not count in certain countries/domains.

You may find using AdSense not to your liking especially if you have high traffic to your site but a very low click through rate (CTR) since, as previously explained with AdSense you are more likely to get PPC ads them. Here are some of the other options.

Valueclick Media

There are many many more but these are the ones i intend on reviewing over the next few weeks. Finally one of these Adbrite is known for having a higher rate of CPM ads and not to mention you can apparently run them along side your google ads. I will explain how this works in another post. Although at the moment i am slightly dubious of Adbrites claim and am waiting for a reply from Google.