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Add a counter to help your blog!

I have found a great free counter which can give you not only a hit count but various other statistics. It is called It is will give you data on type of hits and a geographical list of site visitors.

Right firstly register with expert counters follow the steps to add website and generate the code for your counter. Now here's the clever bit to save you having to struggle to put it on through the Html follow these steps.

1) Where you read "Edit Posts – Settings – Layout – View Blog", click on "Layout"

2) Click on "Add a Gadget" (to the side menu or to the bottom of the page)

3) Click on the "HTML/JavaScript" option.

4) In the "Content" field paste the code from your ExpertCounter account. Then click on "Save"

Easy wasn't it? Now I'm sure there are probably better counters out there or you could just opt for google analytics but i found this one works for me.


MusicOutLoud said...

hey mate, i do appreciate you adding me to your links list. I did the same to your blog, if you look on the links section on my page you're there. Much luck in your blog and hopefully soon we can generate a lot of shared users. Great site too, i've read portions. Very helpful.

adam gibbons said...

Thanks alot as i said before always good to hear.
Give it 6 months and we should have a great network up and running.
Keep in touch let us know how things are going.